Yuki Kadokura Premiere Concert in Singapore ~Flowers Will Bloom~ 門倉有希 シンガポール初公演 『花は咲く』

Yuki, a Japanese "Kayou" pop singer, will perform for the first time in Singapore!! She'll take this opportunity to express her profound gratitude for Singapore people who cared about Japan & her hometown Fukushima affected by Great East Japan Earthquake.

Date: 10th October 2014

Venue: The Japanese Association, Singapore L3 Auditorium
OPEN 19:30 START 20:00
Individual Tickets S$40
Group Discount S$35 (More than 3 pax)
Please refer to "Ticket Purchase & Payment" at the bottom of this page.

公演日: 2014年10月10日(金)

開場 19:30 開演 20:00
会場:シンガポール日本人会館3F オーディトリアム
チケット $40
グループ割 $35【3人以上でご購入の方限定】

Yuki Kadokura
Made her debut as a singer in 1994 with the song, "鴎…カモメ(Kamome)". She won the top Japan Cable Radio Award for "女の漁歌(Onna No Ryoka)" in 1996, and soon after, performed in the 47th KOUHAKU UTAGASSEN(紅白歌合戦), the biggest music program aired on NHK Japan on New Year's Eve.
In 1998, one of her most popular songs, "ノラ(Nora)", became a long running hit, ultimately selling over 800,000 copies, and was ranked Top 10 most sung karaoke songs in Japan for over a decade. This year, she released her 20th anniversary EP, "いいから抱いて…(Iikara Daite…)", and it is available at music stores in Japan. This time, Yuki will be performing "ノラ(Nora)"'s English version for the first time in Singapore.

門倉有希(かどくら ゆき)

I LOVE ♥ Fukushima Project

Fukushima is Yuki Kadokura’s hometown. Immediately after the Touhoku earthquake, the “I ♥ Fukushima” project was created to support reconstruction efforts. She began visiting local people in emergency shelters of the stricken areas, and she staged intimate concerts for them on a regular basis, even till this day. With the cooperation from her fans, the contributions and relief supplies were collected and donated to several places of stricken areas in Fukushima.

I LOVE ♥ 福島プロジェクト


Flowers Will Bloom “Hana Wa Saku” (花は咲く)

“Hana Wa Saku” was created as the promotional song to support the reconstruction efforts, as part of NHK’s The Great East Japan Earthquake project.

The lyrics were written by Shunji Iwai, and the music was composed by Yoko Kanno. Both of them were born from Miyagi, a prefecture as affected by the disaster as Fukushima was. The original concept was to have well-known Japanese entertainers, including Yuki Kadokura, who are from or have strong connection to the affected areas, to come together in recording this charity song.

However, it was decided later that the song would have a more emotional impact as a solo track to be sung by Yuki as a tribute to the many people in Fukushima still suffering from the Tsunami damages and nuclear leakage.

The song was released in her 26th EP as a coupling track. As per the wishes of the lyricist, composer and Yuki Kadokura, all royalty income from the song will be donated to the Great East Japan Earthquake project through the NHK Public Welfare Organization.

It has been three years since the disastrous earthquake. The tragic incident unfortunately seems to be fading away from people's minds with each passing year. Yet, there remains to be so many areas still in need of support to revive the disaster areas. Yuki continues performing this song whenever an appropriate opportunity arises, in the HOPE of reminding people not to forget this devastating incident, and wishing for the swiftest of revival in all affected areas.





EP will be sold on that day!
Single "Iikara Daite..." & Best Album "Yuki Kadokura Best"


シングル「いいから抱いて・・・」& 「門倉有希ベストアルバム」  

Yuki Kadokura Official Website (Only in Japanese)



門倉有希 最新情報はこちらから!(Access to Yuki’s Latest Information!)


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Organized by Bos Inc.

Produced by COMM PTE. LTD.

Supported by The Japanese Association, Singapore 

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Fri Oct 10, 2014
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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シンガポール日本人会館3F オーディトリアム The Japanese Association, Singapore 3F Auditorium
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